24/7 access is not guaranteed. I use a hosting service called 1and1.com. This is where this site and database are located. For the past few years I have experienced little downtime and if the website has been unavailable it has only been at most 2 to 3 hours at a time. If you try to access the site and are unable to do so, give it an hour or two then try again. If it continues to be unaccessble you can email me and I will look into it. My experience has been there is little I can do to resolve it other than wait for 1and1 to fix whatever issue may have happened.

Historical Events

Past events will be automatically deleted 2 weeks after they occur. This means all sign-up information, tee times, event information and messages will be deleted 2 weeks after the event date. The site is intended to be forward looking tool to help you plan and arrange future golf events. Also, keep in mind that a player can remove themselves from your site and/or the website which will result in the deletion of all their information (sign-up, messasges, etc.)

Change Log

The site change log will only maintain the previous 2 weeks of changes. Managers of sites can access a change log for their site to help with any issues caused by eroneous actions by players. The log will only contain the previous 2 weeks of actions.